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Birthdate:Jul 3
Location:Texas, United States of America
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This journal is about 99% friends only. Fic and icons will be posted publicly, everything else is locked. I'm generally open with adds, though.

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"that's disgusting!", /b/, =w=, abusing capslock, adult swim, allergies, alligators, america's next top model, amy winehouse, andy warhol, april march, arab strap, army of darkness, art, asthma, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, baby-sitters club, bella swan's painful death, belle and sebastian, bette davis, better metal snakes, black kids, books, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, captain jack harkness, carl barat, cat macros, cats, chanel, cheese, chupacabra, classic films, communism, contemporary scottish literature, david bowie, david foster wallace, david sedaris, dead kennedys, death cab, dethklok, dirty pretty things, doctor who, draco and the malfoys, durer, edie sedgwick, el greco, encyclopedia dramatica, ennui, eyeglasses, f. scott fitzgerald, fangirling, fashion, fight evil read books, folklore, force lightning, fresh pickled toads, friday the 13th, futurama, gay rights, geekiness, gilmore girls, glitter peen, greek food, green party, harry potter, hello kitty, heroes, horror movies, iggy pop, indie rock, ipods, irvine welsh, james rosenquist, jane austen, jean-pierre jeunet, jenny lewis, kate nash, kitten poker, lily allen, literature, lizards, lulz, maria taylor, medieval literature, metalocalypse, mix tapes, mugglecast, mythbusters, obsessive-compulsive disorder, pets, pop art, pre-raphaelites, progressivism, pyramid head, remus/sirius, rory/jess, saddle creek, samosas, sex and the city, silent hill, sirius black, six feet under, skinks, slash, smoking, snark, sonic screwdrivers, splatter flicks, star wars, stella mccartney, subtext and anagrams thereof, sylar, sylar/mohinder, tarot, tattoos, tea, team love, teddy/james, teh tiemcock, the decemberists, the evil dead, the kooks, the libertines, the promise ring, the remus lupins, the shins, the simpsons, the whomping willows, thrifting, ticked tabbies, tin machine, titian, torchwood, twilight, urban legends, vampire weekend, vegetarianism, vintage, vivienne westwood, weezer, wes anderson, wine, wizard rock, writing, your mom, youtube, zelda fitzgerald, zombies
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